WIDCOMM - Bluetooth Software

WIDCOMM - Bluetooth Software

Bluetooth Software

    File Transfer Profile (FTP)
    Provides the capability to browse, manipulate and transfer objects (files and folders) in an object store (file system) of another system.
  • Object Push Profile (OPP)
    A basic profile for sending "objects" such as pictures, virtual business cards, or appointment details. It is called push because the transfers are always instigated by the sender (client), not the receiver (server).
  • Serial Port Profile (SPP)
    This profile is based on the ETSI TS 07.10 specification and uses the RFCOMM protocol. It emulates a serial cable to provide a simply implemented wireless replacement for existing RS-232 based serial communications applications, including familiar control signals. It provides the basis for DUN, FAX, HSP and AVRCP profiles.
    Wireless Communication Library supports Virtual COM Ports creation for SPP and DUN profiles.
  • Other profiles
    SDK provides possability to create and use any custom RFCOMM based profiles.

Additional Features

  • Manage Local Bluetooth Radio Modules
  • Enumerate Remote Bouetooth Enabled Devices
  • Enumerate Services on Remote Device
  • Client and Server Support
  • Autmatical and Manual Pairing
  • Bluetooth Proximity Ready
  • Any Custom RFCOMM Based Profiles
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